Author Sanjeev Bansal

Sanjeev Bansal is a young and an emerging poet, writer and author of the new novel The Taste of Midnight. The novel is spine chiller/ mystery themed. It’s a tale about a man who battles with his psyche and heart to substantiate himself unadulterated against his female closest companion’s affirmations. He writes out his experiences delving into his subconscious trying to unknot his mind, heart and soul’s emotions.  Laced in the strings of the world weaved out of his creative ability, he penned down the mysteries of his sentimental specialty.  

The virgin voyage of writing art sailed in the mid years of 20th century when thine roused him like the star does to a visionary and the crescent moon does to the ocean. He is an immense love for nature and it reflects significantly both as a part of his identity and verses written in her adoration as an anthology named An Ode to Shimla. He calls it a mansion of dreams in the land of verses. The inerasable thoughts of thine sprouted a seed in Sanjeev’s heart to dive in the profoundness of solitary love. 

Each time Sanjeev fizzled he skipped back with more prominent greatness. After each set back, Sanjeev takes a shot at remaking his life. A pivotal piece of modifying his life was his interest towards the life of innovativeness which was embellished by a cornucopia of scholarly enjoyments. In this manner he pens down each shade of life that comes in his direction which is like Nirvana to him.      

Sanjeev Bansal is a visioner, who has fabricated a kingdom of his creative ability. An individual who has been refracting light of his feelings and uncovering every one of its tints and shades. He crosses through the roads of human feelings and in the meantime amalgamates it with the conundrums of earth. His life is one superb voyage through the ocean of sentimental vibes.

Currently, Sanjeev is dealing with a few ideas. He is also a member of Chandigarh Literary Society (CLS)’. Couple of his works are for the compilation of ballads and additionally working on the second version of The Taste of Midnight besides reading Agatha Christie’s masterpieces. The verses have shifted classes, some are couplets while others are little haikus and furthermore some go under the classification – long epitaphs.