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A review by Dr. Aditi Bhola

Review by Dr. Aditi Bhola,Dept. of English (Head)Government College (Bissar) A compelling story about loyalty, friendship, love and more!! The Taste of Midnight is an engrossing story of a 35 year old Mike, and his dearest friend Stella with whom Mike shares more than a decade old friendship. The novel revolves around Mike’s self-destructive guilt […]

An entertaining and emotional read!

This book, “The taste of Midnight” is a fictional crime thriller and a heartwarming, heart touching and a emotional story of a guy who is in deep love. The protagonist, Mike ends up loving his best mate, Stella who leaves him for her lover, John. Mike who suffers with migraine and always on medicine finds […]

Intriguing & Interesting!! By Nav Sandhu

The premise of the story is intriguing and revolves around Mike and Stella who were best friends but something unexplained happened and Stella leaves Mike, which leaves him haunted and miserable. Mike’s character is sometimes wretched, fragile and another time he is delusional, and is constantly in self loathing and accusing himself of causing of […]