The Taste of Midnight

Publisher: ‎ Rumour Books India
Language: ‎ English
ISBN-10: ‎ 1513656155
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1513656151

Description – Mike is a brat from a small village. After completing post-graduation from a top-most university, he got hired at a higher position in one of the best-renowned organizations. With a financially rewarding job, he started to live in the lap of luxury in the dream city of Berlin. The clock was ticking the best moments until Stella dropped anchor in his life and his idyllic life took a U-turn one night. Mike’s trauma ran him into physical pain. Fleeing from the hurling accusations, he isolated himself to the zone where he thought he had escaped from his past. Mike’s worst nightmare snaked in when a castle of terror, curated by an anonymous mastermind, contacted him and demanded $5Lakh ransom for the events that has happened in his past. Mike’s soul, shattered by the kidnapping of Stella, gives him one last chance to free himself from the hands of guilt. He needs to permeate and destroy this woven castle of killing. So begins a game of lure, murder, bluff and chase, with Mike hallmarked as an accused man. He has just a few hours to lay bare the truth and entangle the knots. Zealous to outfox the murky kidnapper with time racing away, can he save Stella?

An Ode to Shimla

Publisher ‏- Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd
Language ‏ : ‎ English
ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 9789352016259
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-9352016259


Description – Sanjeev Bansal’s exquisite poems are epistles to the past, reflections upon the future and heartbreaking meditations upon the metaphysics of daily transcendence. One of the most subtly imaginative poets, Bansal bravely transcribes his love for the hilly terrains of Shimla into the charged intersections of love and rejection, nature and religion, loss and renewal. His poems are lucid snapshots developed in a subtle amalgam of memory and intuition. Lyrical and linguistically inventive and yet faithful to poesy of European gloom, Bansal investigates complex personal history, family and romantic love in carefully sculpted lines, thereby making his poetry an odyssey at once metaphorically and emphatically real.

Queen of Ember and Her Dead Priest

Description – Queen of Ember is an imagination of Priest in which Author has correlated himself as the Dead Priest. Priest dreams of his Queen and through his novel he wants to show the beauty and the Castle of his trueness.He has the dreamland of his never ending love for his Queen to whom he calls Queen Venus, in which they live happily & away from the world’s tricks. The Novel is a combination of charm, magic, a judgeable care out of people’s suspicion and many more. The only surviver at the end was Priest’s irreplaceable and unbounded love for his Queen for which he reached to a place where he senses that his soul exists and wrote the ending of his Fairyland with just the tears to accompany him and his wounded soul.