Intriguing & Interesting!! By Nav Sandhu

The premise of the story is intriguing and revolves around Mike and Stella who were best friends but something unexplained happened and Stella leaves Mike, which leaves him haunted and miserable. Mike’s character is sometimes wretched, fragile and another time he is delusional, and is constantly in self loathing and accusing himself of causing of being a murderer and betrayer to Stella…or is he made to believe so? For a larger part of the story, it is not revealed to the readers as to what conspired between Stella and Mike and repeated reference of Mike to himself about ‘that day’ builds up on readers only not knowing what actually happened up until when Mike discovers that Stella is kidnapped and it could be a consequence of what happened ‘that day’ between Mike and Stella!! Mike must face the shadows from his past and the danger he has put Stella in!! The plot spins around the inherent darkness and how one keeps flipping from his own heaven and hell in an attempt to redeem himself of the choices we make and sometimes, those choices can be sinful. The author leaves the reader with manoeuvre to be deciphered in the sequel.