An entertaining and emotional read!

This book, “The taste of Midnight” is a fictional crime thriller and a heartwarming, heart touching and a emotional story of a guy who is in deep love. The protagonist, Mike ends up loving his best mate, Stella who leaves him for her lover, John. Mike who suffers with migraine and always on medicine finds it difficult to continue his life without his dreamgirl. But a twist to this tale occurs when he finds Stella being kidnapped. He did all whatever he could do to save her with the help of his detective friend, Stephen.

Does their destiny demand something else? Will he able to rescue her after so much hedlem went on? Will he be able to meet his love of the life again? To know further what happens with them, you will have to flip through the pages of this book which is so absorbing that it will keep you hooked to the story till the very end and even after finishing it, you will demand more of the story as it’s next part is yet to come.

The story telling, plot, dialogues, storylines, conflicts and character’s Sketching all these are second to none when it comes to this genre of popular fiction. Especially, I loved those lines of the protagonist which exudes the undying love for his love from his heart and soul.

Coming to the author, he has invariably mastered this art of storytelling by using all the substances like beautiful illustrations, poetries, very impressive and expressive dialogues and what not, in this story which makes it a pitch perfect crime thriller.

The language used in this book is very lucid and legible. The readers will hardly find it strenuous to finish it in one go, for sure. This story has it’s own emotional touch which will send chills in the reader’s back, it’s guaranteed. I personally loved the plot and storytelling in this book and will recommend this book to everyone who loves to read.