A review by Dr. Aditi Bhola

Review by Dr. Aditi Bhola,
Dept. of English (Head)
Government College (Bissar)

A compelling story about loyalty, friendship, love and more!!

The Taste of Midnight is an engrossing story of a 35 year old Mike, and his dearest friend Stella with whom Mike shares more than a decade old friendship. The novel revolves around Mike’s self-destructive guilt about a murder at his hands. Is it a murder of a person or murder of trust, or both? Bansal captivatingly paints Mike’s “sinking spells of devastation” in the novel.

While Book I is focussed on the events following “that night” in Mike’s life and so, is largely based on Mike; Stella appears only briefly in the novel in person. She largely reflects in the mind of the guilt-struck Mike. Certain plots leading to the present have been left for Book II and this maintains the curiosity in the readers. Book II shall solve the puzzle revolving around Stella’s kidnapping and reveal some secrets Bansal’s readers cannot wait to know.