The Taste of Midnight

Layers Of Blood-Red Crimes Unfolding!
By Sanjeev Bansal​

About Author

Sanjeev Bansal is a young and an emerging poet, writer and author of the new novel The Taste of Midnight. The novel is spine chiller/ mystery themed. It’s a tale about a man who battles with his psyche and heart to substantiate himself unadulterated against his female closest companion’s affirmations. He writes out his experiences delving into his subconscious trying to unknot his mind, heart and soul’s emotions. Laced in the strings of the world weaved out of his creative ability, he penned down the mysteries of his sentimental specialty.

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Sanjeev Bansal’s exquisite poems are epistles to the past, reflections upon the future and heartbreaking meditations upon the metaphysics of daily transcendence. One of the most subtly imaginative poets, Bansal bravely transcribes his love for the hilly terrains of Shimla into the charged intersections of love and rejection, nature and religion, loss and renewal. His poems are lucid snapshots developed in a subtle amalgam of memory and intuition. Lyrical and linguistically inventive and yet faithful to poesy of European gloom, Bansal investigates complex personal history, family and romantic love in carefully sculpted lines, thereby making his poetry an odyssey at once metaphorically and emphatically real.

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‘The Taste of Midnight’ by Sanjeev Bansal is an exciting page-turner. The story revolves around Mike and Stella. The story has a touch of the supernatural with Mike confronting his subconsciousness. When Stella is kidnapped many layers of intrigue begin to emerge. I would recommend this novel to all crime thriller lovers. – Dr. Sapna Dogra

The taste of midnight is an amazing piece of work that perfectly fits the definition of being a thriller. The story of Mike and Stella and how their relationship takes center stage in Berlin is accompanied by the horror of being hostage to the kidnapper gives me goosebumps. The overall plot of the story is filled with action, thriller, and emotions whose interplay make this book one of a kind One of the things that really attracted me was how well the author was able to carve out a story by striking a perfect balance between emotional and thriller genres. I loved the book and I’m eager to hear from Mr. Sanjeev Bansal about its upcoming edition! – Dhruv

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